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May 13, 2012 / hippiechickamblings

Sweet Revenge

My grandmother was one of  the toughest women I’ve ever known. She had to be. You don’t raise ten children on a farm without the benefit of electricity, by being a weenie.  Maw (my nickname for her), was “old school” before school was even in session. Being a devout, God-fearing woman in those days meant respectable women just didn’t  do certain things, and one of them was divorcing your husband. Out of the question. Even if your husband was a heavy drinking, notorious womanizer, you didn’t just suddenly claim your allegiance to the ERA or go burn your bra. And you certainly didn’t wimp out and leave his philandering butt. Not when there were other, more subtle means of getting even.

At one point, when yet another “other woman” had Grandpa by the hooks, Maw found a bottle of perfume he’d hidden in his tool box for his new lady-love as a gift. Imagine! Perfume for that harlot! In Maw’s opinion, any woman low enough to lie down with another woman’s husband, should not only look the part, but smell like it, too. She emptied the perfume bottle, filled it with…Umm,… well,…pee…and wrapped it back up all nice and purty. The lady received the gift with no one the wiser, but I always wondered at her reaction when she went to dab a bit behind her earlobes. As to how Maw managed to accomplish that particular stunt, well…If I allowed THAT little mind picture to develop, I’d have to drive an ice pick through my skull to get rid of it. I’d rather just sit back, smile, and say, “Right On, Maw!”

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  1. Wonnie / May 23 2012 6:24 pm

    Sounds like the “other woman” found herself in a bit stinky situation! Yet another great story by my favorite rambling hippie!

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