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May 13, 2012 / hippiechickamblings

Back In the Day

Sometimes I look at the world my daughter is growing up in, and I grieve for her, knowing she’s being denied a true childhood… a childhood like I had. Yes, it’s true, segregation was still legal, cigarette smoke fogged public places, and industrial smoke-stacks pumped pollution into the air, willy-nilly.  Drug addicts were still present and accounted for, politicians were crooked, and murders were being committed. Ignorance, intolerance, and poverty were no strangers to American culture, either. Small towns still loved scandal, and hands were bloodied by back-street abortions. But…

Instead of I-pods, there were transistor radios, Dick Clark, and vinyl records. Instead of Xbox, Nintendo, I-pads, I-phones, and Internet gaming, there were lazy summer days of dappled sunlight and fresh air, riding bikes, climbing trees, and swimming in clear streams. There were mason jars and fireflies (lightning bugs in my neck of the woods), reading comic books on the porch swing, homemade clubhouses, and lemonade stands. Youngsters roamed the hillsides from dawn until dusk, away from watchful eyes, and adults weren’t bothered by fear of perverts and kidnappings. Folks slept with their doors unlocked, and people actually knew their neighbors. Cars were built like tanks instead of shoe boxes, and American-made was what you bought if you wanted quality. Television had three stations which signed off at midnight while playing the national anthem. But, Oh, those marvelous shows: Maverick, Gun-smoke, I Love Lucy, The Honeymooners, and Ed Sullivan, to name a few.

Instead of therapy, child advocates, and self-esteem workshops for school misbehavior, there was The Paddle, and for home, the hickory switch. Even without the smoking bans, the air was sweeter, music really DID rock, and people talked instead of tweeting. Sometimes, I just wonder…

copy right 2012 written by hippie chick all rights reserved no part of this may used

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